Saturday, October 22, 2016

Such A Better Week!


This week has been a lot better!!  It actually flew by!! I’ve applied the get to work principle and it’s been a lot easier to work... on the other hand, I’ve noticed that missionary work is really hard!! no one really wants to listen.  We had to drop Angela and Dinae to the other missionaries because they’re in the other sector...  they weren’t progressing anyway so that was a bummer.  I feel the same for Maria the empanada lady.  She likes to listen to us, but never does the commitments.  I don’t think we can teach her much longer.  oh well, in spite of that, we are teaching a "family" Manuel is 71 and his girlfriend is 40. That’s a little weird, but they want to get married and like our message. his kids don’t want them to get married because it is kind of weird, but hey they’re listening.  her kids are young.  Oren listens to our message each time and is really engaged. Actually all 3 of them are! They’re doing the commitments and it’s pretty awesome. the downside is that they’re having trouble committing to come to church. Oren is 12 and is getting ready for his catecismo for the catholic church. Blanca, the gf and his mom, is in the same boat.  but I had a pretty spiritual experience. in our last lesson, we gave them the church invitation again.  after they said idk, I promised them that if they would pray with great faith like the prophets they’re reading about in the BoM, they would receive an answer that night.  idk if they felt it, but it was really awesome for me.  maybe they didn’t understand me idk, but I know for sure that testified to me the importance of sincere prayer. please pray for them. 

Other than that, the work is hard. I’ve had bizcochos and they’re the bomb!! they taste like club crackers and are a good snack. for $1 you get like 12 of them, so that’s pretty cool.  I got some great pics of volcon cayambe this week too!!

We had zone conf this week.  It was zona otavalo y imbaya. so I got to see Elder Dougherty as well as Elder Stevenson, an elder who is one change ahead of us... so that was really nice to talk to them... in English haha.  really great conference.  If you get the chance read the talk by Elder Renlund really great talk about repentance.


on the same note, also reread Elder Stevenson and Elder Nattress (the old gilbert mish pres) those were some of my favs and I’ve printed them out and studied them.  I really like the invitation from Elder Stevenson, read the BoM for 5 min a day. I know it’s really hard to remember and maybe I’m a hypocrite cause I sure as heck didn’t do that, even with my mission call... but I do know that here and now in the mish, It’s been the coolest thing to read this book!  I’ve never looked at it the way I do now, I always looked at it as scripture. Really it’s a great story, a true story. written by prophets. really enjoy reading it in my personal study.  

Today we came to Otavalo to check out the market.  I bought a super awesome backpack and a duffle bag that I’m gonna start using. all for like $20.  I really like it here in Otavalo and hope I get an opportunity to serve here someday.  last pday, we ate lunch with the other elders in our district at a member’s house.  so most pdays we don’t do a lot... I think next week we might get together with our zone or the other zone for some sports or something so I’m pumped for that.


Also this week I’m really excited for Thursday and Friday.  The new group in the mission get the opportunity to go to Quito for a night for something called verification.  not sure what that entails totally, but we get to see our whole CCM group again for a day and a night!! I’m really excited to hear from them!!

Well that’s about it this week. the language is coming, mas o menos. I’m beginning to understand a lot more, but feel less confident in my speaking because the people have a tough time understanding me, but hey I know it will come with work! Elder aliaga and I can usually work things out so we can both understand each other. so ya that’s about it... 

Love you guys!
Elder Jensen

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